Speaking Engagements


Family Matters: The latest on family status obligations, Lancaster House, Audio Conference

New and Noteworthy: An update on the Year's Most Significant Cases, Lancaster House, Toronto Panel Discussion

Piecing Together the Puzzle: When do Employment Standards Apply Instead of Collective Agreement Benefits and Vice-Versa, Lancaster House, Audio Conference

The New 9 to 5: Flexible work arrangements in the 21st century, Lancaster House, Audio Conference


Attendance Management: Addressing Absenteeism, Accommodating Disabilities, Lancaster House, Audio Conference

At the Breaking Point: The growing problem of workplace stress and burnout, and what to do about it, Lancaster House, Audio Conference


From Hiring to Firing: Recent Wrongful Dismissal Cases.You Need to Know About. Lancaster House, Audio Conference


What Does it Mean? Mastering the Rules of Collective Agreement Interpretation, Lancaster House, Audio Conference

Tech Talk – Ensuring Legal and Ethical Use of Technology by Employers and Employees, Lancaster House, Audio Conference

Grievance Arbitration Advocacy, Lancaster House, Toronto Workshop

Responding to Employees in Distress ,Lancaster house, Audio Conference

Intersection Obligations: Meeting Accommodation and Harassment Requirements under the OHSA, the Human Rights Code and the AODA Lancaster House Toronto, Panel

Discipline or Accommodation: Responding to alcohol and drug-related misconduct Lancaster House, Audio Conference

LTD Claims from Start to Finish, Lancaster house Audio Conference


Negotiating Drug Benefits: Generics v Brand Names, Pharmacy Management, Formulary Limits and Prior Authorization, Lancaster House, Audio Conference

Balancing Attendance Management, Accommodation and Return to Work, Lancaster House Toronto, Workshop

The Top Ten Wrongful Dismissal Cases, Lancaster House Audio Conference

When Helping Hurts: Sustaining Violence from those We Serve, Lancaster House Ottawa, Panel

Striking a Balance: Accommodating Employees While Ensuring Workplace Safety Lancaster House, Toronto, Workshop

Healthy Employees, Productive Workplaces: Effective Approaches for Handling Absenteeism and Presenteeism, Lancaster House, Audio Conference

Conduct Gone Viral: Private Behaviour, Public Reaction and Workplace Consequences. Lancaster House Audio Conference


Mastering the Arbitration Process, Lancaster House,Vancouver. Workshop

Investigating Misconduct and Weighing Discipline,Lancaster House, Halifax, Workshop

Accommodating Mental and Physical Disabilities in the Workplace, Lancaster House, Toronto, Ottawa, Moncton & St. John's, Workshops

The Essentials of Accommodation - A Roadmap for Employers and Employees, Lancaster House, Toronto & Ottawa, Workshops

Addressing Harassment and a Toxic Workplace Environment, Lancaster House, Toronto, Workshop


Arbitrating Stress, Bullying and Other Health Related Issues, Lancaster House, Toronto, Workshop

Fulfilling the Duty to Accommodate - A Step by Step Guide, Lancaster House, Halifax, Workshop


 Investigating Human Rights Complaints, Lancaster House, Toronto, Workshop

2011, 2009     

The Lori Dupont Story, Canadian Federation of Nurses’ Unions Vancouver & Winnipeg, Panel


Bill 168 and Violence in the Workplace, Lancaster House, Toronto & Barrie, Workshop


Keeping Staff & Patients Safe: Tackling Bullying & Harassment in the Workplace, Osgoode Continuing Education, Toronto, Panel


Litigating Non-Code Harassment, Canadian Association of Labour Lawyers, St. John’s, Panel


Recent Developments in Occupational Health & Safety, University of Western Ontario, Labour Law Conference, London, Panel